The new cool is living in a Mobble

The Mobble, a modular building component

Team Ghent University is happy to introduce The Mobble to you.

'The Mobble' is a modular building component developed by a team of students from the Faculty of Engineering and Architecture in the context of the international Solar Decathlon competition.

The aim of this competition is on one hand to challenge students to think about what building and living would look like in the future in a critical way, and on the other hand to immediately translate their ideas in a temporary pavilion, to expose their innovative concepts.

On the 17th of December 2017, our selection was announced together with 15 other teams. We are proud of this selection for this leading international event and are hoping to be able to realize our pavilion with your support July 2019 in Budapest, Hungary.

Why should we build modular?


Modular designs offer new types of architecture by using fixed dimensions and modules which result in more intelligent buildings and construction methods. The use of modules find their translation in their materialisation in reality which can be understood in standardized ways. Standardization becomes a synonym for modularity in which 'standard' building components are being used to realise your design. From this, a more efficient and circular construction process arises which can lead to more intelligent structures in the life span of these components.


Modularity can lead to circularity of the building components. This means that standardized elements can be applied on different places and in different designs by the use of more intelligent connections which don't necessarily need to be definite. The possibilities of circular constructions are endless an can be applied on building-, component- as well as material-level. Flexibility of the design is therefore also being encouraged by standardized, circular materials and processes.


Modules like the Mobble which are made out of standardized construction elements with the use of circular connections offer the possibility to make an adaptable building which is flexible at the same time. By applying modules, you can adapt your house to your needs at any moment which results in a flexible home and with the use of circular connection techniques, you can create a flexible look which is also adaptable in each way.

Interesting articles

15 Mobble Houses in 2020!

09 July 2020

In 2019 Ghent University participated in the prestigious Solar Decathlon Europe 2019 competition in Hungary and won 5 prizes. In the meantime, however, there has been a lot of activity. With the support of Flanders Circular, this environmentally friendly building concept was translated and scaled up to practice!

the Mobble story continues...

20 December 2019

This year, Ghent University competed in the Solar Decathlon Europe 2019 competition in Hungary with this concept and was rewarded with 5 prizes! Today we can announce that, several projects with different typologies – terraced house, detached house, annex – will be constructed in 2020 based on the Mobble concept.

Read more about the new ambitions for ‘The Mobble’ of Ghent University.