First Time Outside

Two weeks ago, the moment had finally arrived... The Mobbles were coming outside for the first time! To be fully prepared for the building weeks in July and to optimalize the build-up of the pavilion, each Mobble was ‘wrapped’ and transported to the centre of Ghent to be able to complete the building process for the first time.


On Wednesday, March 6, around 6 AM, the excitement was getting real. The trucks onto which the first two Mobbles were placed, had left the building site for the Saint Pieters square where they would come out in the open air for the first time. With a crane, the first module was lifted from the truck and carefully placed onto the steel foundation structure. This Mobble was shifted onto its exact place, which resulted in the fact that the following Mobbles would be placed on the right spot as well.


Thanks to the professional help of the moving company and the well prepared schedule by the team, the lifting and placing of the various modules went very smoothly! Shortly after 12 AM, every Module was placed onto the foundation structure, which meant that we could move on with the installation of the balcony structure. However, due to the bad weather of the days afterwards, the further build-up of the pavilion was cancelled, causing that adjustments to the schedule were needed.


Due to the first spring weather of last week, we could continue building, so we managed to place all the wall panels around the five Mobbles. Also the preparations for electricity and sanitary, like making holes and passages for tubes, were started. At this moment, the pavilion is under full construction till the official opening in May!


Make sure to keep an eye on us in the coming weeks, there’s a lot of other news on its way! Let’s Mobble on!


The Mobbles