The SDE19 contest focuses on the renovation of existing apartment buildings. Team Ghent University will focus on the renovation of large- scale apartment buildings in the Belgian context, where contractors such as Etrimo and Amelinckx were responsible for a mass production of collective housing in the fifties, sixties and seventies in the suburban zones. Although these buildings have an interesting urban location, surrounded by a green environment, a nice view and affordable apartments; today these high-rise buildings are typically outdated and don’t longer meet code requirements in terms of e.g. fire safety, thermal and acoustical performance. Renovating these apartments can solve these problems

Our Solar Decathlon pavilion aspires to tackle some of the renovation problems of large-scale apartment buildings. The pavilion mainly presents a test set-up to demonstrate renovation strategies for high-rise towers to a broad audience. Furthermore, renovating the inside of the apartment allows adopting a new blueprint as design principle: a minimal set of interventions provide a range of possibilities for various plan configurations. There is a trend towards co-housing, house-sharing, tiny houses, rooftop additions... The shared factor in these projects is to balance temporary personal housing requirements with the building stock, to move away from a static residential market dominated by ownership. Hence, a modular building concept was developed as a basic building block to tackle a number of these issues and create innovative opportunities: we have created the Mobble.