Edition 2019

European edition

It’s the first time that Ghent University participates in the European edition of the Solar Decathlon contest. In contrast to the edition in the US, the European editions (2012, 2014, 2019) focus more on renovation and social urban development challenges.


Solar Decathlon 2019 focuses on the renovation of existing buildings. The teams can choose between one of the topics below:

  • Renovation of traditional Hungarian rectangular apartment buildings
  • Development of rooftop apartments (to increase the urban density)
  • A renovation project typical for the native country

Team Ghent University focuses on the last subject. Our design is all about the nearly identical apartment buildings that were built by the company Etrimo in the 50’ - ’70 in the suburbs of the Belgian cities. These apartment buildings require a thorough low-energy renovation, but there are various technical, administrative, scientific, architectural, practical, legal, and financial issues to be tackled. That sounds like a job for us!

In 2016 Ghent University launched a knowledge and research platform concerning this challenge: the Ghent University Horizon Platform
For more information about Horizon - www.horizon-ugent.be