Previous editions


In 2011, Ghent University participated for the first time in the 5th edition of the Solar Decathlon, organized in Washington D.C., USA. Team Belgium defended with the E-cube (name of the pavilion) the honor of Europe. The E-cube represents a cubic shape with emphasis on affordability and it’s ‘do-it-yourself’ character. Team Belgium was the winner of the Affordability contest.


Two years later, Ghent University was part of the international BEMANY-team, which was a collaboration between Ghent University and two American universities: Worcester Polytechnic Institute and Polytechnic Institute of New York University. This team joined the Solar Decathlon in 2013 in Datong, China.
The basic pillars, namely a solar powered house around a central atrium, immediately explain where they got the name Solarium for the pavilion. Team BEMANY finished in a nice 8th place.