1. Aug 2017

    Preliminary research and development

    Within the themes imposed by the organization, the team chooses a social relevant renovation problem and the research for innovative ideas and the development of an intelligent design for the pavilion can start.

  2. Dec 2017

    Elaboration and prototype

    In this phase, the focus is on the development of a pavilion. The constructive architectural plans and innovative technical installations are being elaborated.

  3. Feb 2018

    Building a pavilion

    In the third phase, the final pavilion will be build and the technical installations will be implemented. Afterwards, the pavilion will be disassembled into components and made ready for transport to Hungary.

  4. Sep 2018

    Transport and construction of pavilion

    During this phase of the competition, the different pavilions of each selected team will be constructed in a Solar Village in Hungary. After a build-up period of 10 days, the pavilions will be opened for public for a longer amount time.

  5. Jul 2019


    Each team will be reviewed during this period based on 10 criteria, in which per theme 100 points can be earned.

    The ten assessment criteria:

    1. Architecture
    2. Engineering & Construction
    3. Energy Efficiency
    4. Communication & Social Awareness
    5. Neighbourhood Integration & Impact
    6. Innovation & Viability
    7. Circularity & Sustainability
    8. Comfort Conditions
    9. House Functioning
    10. Energy Balance